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Postira is a small place in the north of the island, 10 km from the main ferry port in Supetar. It has some 1000 inhabitants.The locals are mainly in agriculture and fishing, traditionally bound to the sea and to the land. Most of people grow crops, especially olives and tangerines; some grow kiwis and other exotic fruit, but mediterranean plants are most common. There is lots of rich soil around the valleys and hills near Postira. Some people keep small cattle; they are in sheep farming. There are vineyards all over; vine is grown and cultivated.But other branches of business are also developing due to tourism and new technologies. Marketing and industry begin to expand. There are more and more small markets; places to buy technical necessities and other stuff you need. Here in Postira you can find carvers, electricians, mechanics; farmers; fishermen; business people. The place is enlarged since the past times; new houses and hotels are built, changing the sight of Postira. There is an elementary school in Postira with various organized activities. Also, there are several clubs and institutions for cultural development, choirs, associations, etc. In Postira you can find many musicians, composers, even poets. There are groups of singers of traditional Dalmatian songs, called klape. In Postira life is well organized; but still, it livens up in summertime, when the weather is nice and many people come: some of them to their private houses or to stay with their relatives, some of them as tourists and passers by. Yet, there is charm in Postira in winter; everything's calm and nice and the weather is not too harsh. If you enjoy walking and sightseeing, this is an ideal place for you to stay. You can keep company with friendly local people or preserve your solliture, wandering around many lanes and paths across the Postira district.

Many cultural and historical destinations are nearby Postira, for example Lovrecina, a sandy beach 7 km away to the east with an archeological findings from the Early Christian Times. There is also a restaurant in Lovrecina, where you can eat delicious domestic specialities.Mirje is a locality on a hill above Postira; it is a villa rustica from the Roman Times.
Dol, a nearby small place in the south of Postira kept the rural atmosphere of times long gone. It has only a hundred inhabitants.
There are caves around the valley of Dol worth seeing, and some small chapels from the Early Christian Times.
Splitska is a place between Supetar and Postira; you can reach it in a 15 minutes walk from Postira. Splitska is even smaller than Postira.
Beaches surround Postira from all over; there is Prvja and Gabrova (on the way to Splitska), Zastivanje and Mala Lozna in the east, popular resorts for people willing to enjoy the sun and the sea. You can rent a boat or a bicycle in the centre; ski on water or simply enjoy the ambient of sea and pinewood trees around you. Welcome!